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CR Series
CR Series

CR Series

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ASMI CR-8 CF-1/2-N CR-1/2-A NA
ASMI CR-8-1 CRH-8-1 S-16 H-16 CF-1/2 CFH-1/2 CR-1/2 HR-1/2 CF-8-1 NA
ASMI CR-9 CRH-9-1 S-18 H-18 CF-9/16 CFH-9/16 CR-9/16 NA
ASMI CR-10 CR-10-1 CF-5/8-N CR-5/8-A NA
ASMI CR-10-1 CRH-10-1 S-20 H-20 CF-5/8 CFH-5/8 CR-5/8 HR-5/8 CF-10-1 NA
ASMI CR-11 CR-11-1 S-22 H-22 CF-11/16 CFH-11/16 CR-11/16 NA
ASMI CR-12 CRH-12 S-24 H-24 CF-3/4 CFH-3/4 CR-3/4 HR-3/4 CF-12 NA
ASMI CR-14 CRH-14 S-28 H-28 CF-7/8 CFH-7/8 CR-7/8 HR-7/8 CF-14 NA
ASMI CR-16 CRH-16 S-32 H-32 CF-1 CFH-1 CR-1 HR-1 CF-16 NA
ASMI CR-18 CRH-18 S-36 H-36 CF-1 1/8 CFH-1 1/8 CR-1 1/8 HR-1 1/8 CF-18 NA
ASMI CR-20 CRH-20 S-40 H-40 CF-1 1/4 CFH-1 1/4 CR-1 1/4 HR-1 1/4 CF-20 NA
ASMI CR-22 CRH-22 S-44 H-44 CF-1 3/8 CFH-1 3/8 CR-1 3/8 HR-1 3/8 CF-22 NA
ASMI CR-24 CRH-24 S-48 H-48 CF-1 1/2 CFH-1 1/2 CR-1 1/2 HR-1 1/2 CF-24 NA
ASMI CR-26 CRH-26 S-52 H-52 CF-1 5/8 CFH-1 5/8 CR-1 5/8 HR-1 5/8 CF-26 NA
ASMI CR-28 CRH-28 S-56 H-56 CF-1 3/4 CFH-1 3/4 CR-1 3/4 HR-1 3/4 CF-28 NA
ASMI CR-30 CRH-30 S-60 H-60 CF-1 7/8 CFH-1 7/8 CR-1 7/8 HR-1 7/8 CF-30 NA
ASMI CR-32 CRH-32 S-64 H-64 CF-2 CFH-2 CR-2 HR-2 CF-32 NA
ASMI CR-36 CRH-36 S-72 H-72 CF-2 1/4 CFH-2 1/4 CR-2 1/4 HR-2 1/4 CF-36 NA
ASMI CR-40 CRH-40 S-80 H-80 CF-2 1/2 CFH-2 1/2 CR-2 1/2 HR-2 1/2 CF-40 NA
ASMI CR-44 CRH-44 S-88 H-88 CF-2 3/4 CFH-2 3/4 CR-2 3/4 HR-2 3/4 CF-44 NA
ASMI CR-48 CRH-48 S-96 H-96 CF-3 CFH-3 CR-3 HR-3 CF-48 NA
ASMI CR-52 CRH-52 S-104 H-104 CF-3 1/4 CFH-3 1/4 CR-3 1/4 HR-3 1/4 CF-52 NA
ASMI CR-56 CRH-56 S-112 H-112 CF-3 1/2 CFH-3 1/2 CR-3 1/2 HR-3 1/2 CF-56 NA
ASMI CR-64 CRH-64 S-128 H-128 CF-4 CFH-4 CR-4 HR-4 CF-64 NA
  Results 1 - 24 of 24
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