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Performance and main parameters of silicon nitride ceramic bearings:
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Performance and main parameters of silicon nitride ceramic bearings:

ASMI silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings are more reliable in quality and have good performance stability. They are characterized by light weight, self-lubricating, high rigidity, good hardness, high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, small temperature rise and long life. The more customers replace ceramic ball bearings with ceramic bearings. In general working conditions, the life of ceramic bearings is 5-8 times longer than that of steel bearings. The thermal isostatic sintered silicon nitride ball bearings produced by Aisimi Ceramic Bearing Co., Ltd. have excellent performance, and the toughness is better than that of pneumatic sintered ball bearings. The most important performance indicators such as crushing load and fatigue life have been greatly improved, and the performance indexes are equivalent to those of Japanese brand ceramic bearings. It is also an imported ceramic bearing that many customers replace with ASMI ceramic bearings.

In addition to the excellent mechanical and electromagnetic properties described above, silicon nitride ceramics also have excellent chemical and thermodynamic properties. The ceramic bearing made of silicon nitride ceramic can be applied to various applications such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Silicon nitride ceramic bearings have excellent mechanical properties, chemical properties, electromagnetic properties and thermal properties. The silicon nitride ceramic balls made by Aisimi serve the work industry, providing reliable transmission guarantees in different fields and environments.

The large silicon nitride ceramic bearings produced by Aisimi are widely used in wind turbine insulated bearings, breaking the international technology blockade and monopoly, reducing the price of products by nearly 50%, accelerating the key components of high-powered grid-connected wind turbines. Localization process, etc.

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